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Grounded, Centred or Balanced?

Grounded, Centred or Balanced? Knowing how your body and energies work

Dear souls,
You may have been feeling the desire to expand your life and your experiences fully, to live what could be your life’s potential. Feelings of nervousness, anxiousness teamed with excitement are perfectly normal and will accompany you throughout the testing of every brand new experience.

But what happens if you are experiencing feeling unsettled, spacing out, or finding it harder to be present with or without physical symptoms such as: spells of headaches, insomnia, cold or warm extremities, thirst and other minor symptoms?

This is not a diagnosis nor intended to replace a Medical Doctor’s advice or treatment, rather it is best suited for those who know their health status or conditions very well and have been experiencing these additional bouts at certain times.

One of the common solutions to these rapid changes in energy is grounding. Grounding can work wonders – if you are ungrounded that is. If you or your child who are already well grounded, it may be of little help. First let us get acquainted with the way our bodies work and how it processes surroundings in basic terms.

Brain and Nervous System
Our whole body operates from the central nervous system which runs throughout from the top of our head to our little toe. We can call the brain and the spinal cord which hosts our nervous system, the motherboard of our body. It functions or sends messages through a series of electrical and chemical impulses which you can see in the picture below like little light bulbs, as it sends information from one neuron to another which are called synapses.

Photo: Science Photo Library, the neurons

We know water conducts electricity, hence why drinking water is such an important aspect and repeatedly stressed for our overall health. You need to be adequately hydrated for your brain to function well, for the synaptic connections to be smooth, and to alleviate brain fogginess in terms of sluggishness, irritability and memory.

Our Energy Centres

Photo: Google CA
The diagram shows the placement of our major and minor chakras (hands, knees & feet), throughout our body. If you are not well versed with the chakra system of the body, getting to know their location would be beneficial to your energy healing process. An internet search will lead you to many colourful diagrams.
Now that you have an idea of the body’s physical and energetic centres, we will explore these key words below.

1. Grounding
If you are familiar with the electrical socket, there is a wire that directs electricity to earth, called the earth wire. The same principle applies to us; we ground through our feet chakra which flows down to the Earth Star chakra and to the Earth’s centre or core; the flow is from top to bottom. Grounding allows our body to discharge excess electricity from our nervous system out through the soles of our feet, and regulate our body’s electric fields to the Earth’s resonance, which is our balanced natural state.

How to Ground
For this process to take place, our feet have to be in bare contact with the earth’s surface where the sweat from the soles of our feet will act as a conductor. Hence why bare feet with the exception of pure leather sandals like the ingenious people and earthing sandals, are ideal for grounding to take place. A minimum of 10 minutes daily of simply standing or walking barefooted on the earth, is enough to establish a connection, and up to 30 minutes will leave you feeling highly recharged instead of highly strung.

Very important for city dwellers who live in high rises, work with electronics, or those who have little chance of their feet contacting with the bare earth. Discharging all the excess electricity and EMF radiation that interferes with our brain and nervous system’s natural electrical impulses is akin to not letting your mother board get fried.

If you have a disabled child or an adult who is always indoors, do take them out for a 10 minute bare feet experience consistently and see if their mood lifts.
Can’t find a clean grassy patch of earth? A sandy beach, a stream, big rock or a big tree root is perfect too.

2. Centred
It is a feeling of being self-assured, capable, graceful, strong, physically relating to the strength of your lower back and your knees, and energetically to your knee, root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

How Centred do you Feel?
This is where deep breathing works well, it expands down to your belly and brings yours awareness to your physical body keeping you in the present .Apart from deep breathing, taking care of your lower back and knee health through strengthening fluid exercises such as yoga, walking, body resistant moves as well as eating healthy food, gives you that grounded strong feeling. If you do not resonate to chakras, then in other words your core strength externally your lower back health and your internal core strength of your gut health, are the main aspects to you feeling good.

3. Balanced
The overall feeling of stability, where you have used your emotional, mental and physical aspects in a equally balanced manner. Physically your nervous system is calm, leading to balanced emotions, and energetically all the 7 major chakras from the crown to the root are flowing in a cyclic manner from top to bottom and vice versa.
How do you bring Balance in your Life?
Meditation allows your brain waves to shift from the Beta state, to the Alpha or Theta state if quality meditation has been a part of your life for awhile. As you can witness from the chart below, the longer the interval of our brain waves, it affects our emotive state positively.


Setting and following a schedule, time to eat, work, sleep and play throughout your day. This trains your brain to recognise a routine by building the neurons to send these specific action impulses, instead of just firing synapses randomly, which leads to the term ‘feeling frazzled’.

Feeling what is best for you
Ideally having all 3 practices in our life is ideal for an energised wellbeing, but by identifying which area you or your child needs in this moment can save you time and from thinking you are not grounded enough despite returning from the beach a day ago. Perhaps for today you just need to breathe deeply.

All these energetic and physical practices are suitable for adults and children. They are a part of – The Soul Radiance Retreat & Soul Brilliance Retreat. Book your complimentary session with me to find out how these retreats can help you or your child live anchored in your destiny.

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  1. Veer vK #

    A very informative blog. And hardly walking with barefeet, working with electronics. Having no real schedule or habit, things to work on!
    And who knows with one of your retreats.
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    February 6, 2018
  2. Thank you very much Veer, am glad that you found it helpful in your life practice. It is a wonderful thing to know, that even a smallest and simplest of tweaks can help us greatly. If it is too cold to walk bare feet, just placing your feet out of your doorstep’s ground is good too.
    Wishing you a new start of calm consistency, blessings and yes, perhaps see you in Solo or Soul Radiance retreat.
    Blessings and love,


    February 7, 2018
  3. I enjoyed reading this.Thank you so much for thoroughly explaining the differences. I absolutely love the look of your site, it’s informative and professional, yet welcoming as well. Blessings!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    February 7, 2018
    • Thank you Ivanna, I am glad that you found it helpful and for your good words on my website, for it is truly my passion. Much blessings to you too.


      February 7, 2018
  4. Well written advice Vivitha. I am privileged (deliberately chose) to live near the beach and walk or run bare foot most days. I am centred being mindful throughout my day and meditate. I am not one for routine and shedules though. Living this way is a blessing to my life and I recommend if people need guidance that they seek out retreats like Vivatha’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    February 18, 2018
    • Thank you for stellar recommendation and sentiments Merrilee, i appreciate them wholeheartedly.
      Indeed it is a choice to seek out a earth based living, if that nourishes and honours our wellbeing in the best way.
      How did you remain dedicated to practicing mindfulness and meditation, through out the day, which can be a challenge for some ?


      February 20, 2018

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