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The Medicine of Mercury in Retrograde

The Medicine of Mercury in Retrograde

Dear souls,

Coming right after the Earth’s winter pause, is the cosmic pause of Mercury Retrograde, where seemingly everything feels reverse in motion. How can we appreciate these cosmic pauses, which brings us spiritual & emotional reviews and resets in our lives?

Medicine heals us; the right medicine heals us faster, through the alchemical process of rejuvenating the sick cells in our bodies along with rest.
That is a physical pause; our Earthly pause is during winter and a cosmic pause is when the planets go retrograde. Amongst all, Mercury retrograde commands the most attention, which is not surprising as it is the planet of communication & contracts.

This particular retrograde, starts at the beginning of spring, where our dreams are awakening, our roots are shifting and our ideas are starting to take solid form shifting from their dreamy winter state.

Take your time, just like caring for a newly growing plant where you adjust its water, sunlight and nutrient needs along the way, tend to your dreams along this these earthly principles too, know that life will always support your truest heart’s desire.

If you are having a little bump, in gaining clarity on what you truly want, begin with just your intention along with one step, one word or one action.
Just like a newborn baby deer’s intention to stand for today, the goal eventually is to be able to run free and be a self independent deer, but that is for another day and tomorrow will always be there.

Like the newborn deer, reflect, review, and adjust along the days, as you feel into your decisions, desires, for it is always okay to change your mind or rewind like Mercury Retrograde,  as your feelings & dreams mature.

Feel into what you truly want before springing off into spring, the deer’s medicine is always about gentle, careful yet joyful steps.

The journey of every stag and doe begins with those same shaky legs at the beginning and every step you take, brings you closer to the discovery of your own power.

May this Mercury Retrograde, be insightful and allow your soul to communicate your truest heart’s desire, to you.

Begin gently,

Communicate gently, especially to yourself.


Art by Sarah Jane


Cosmic Blessings,

Metaphysical Medium & Soul Transitionist
The Magnetic Soul

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