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Mercury Retrograde, Nourishing our Mind to Nurture our Words

The sun in Scorpio, Moon is in Aries and Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius.

With this wonderful mix of water and fire, we are faced with the alchemy of emotions & actions. How we feel, how we think, is how we speak to ourselves and to others. Positive thinking is one layer, but this placement invites you to feel into your self talk, beyond the sugary coat of positive affirmations.
In order to heal, we need to revisit the original wounding that left an impact .

Take some time in this Mercury Retrograde season, to revisit the words that we have heard throughout our lives; from people, family, relationships, that made you feel less than you are. Mentally as we mature, we know those words are not true but our emotions may still be at that place, in the past.

Look at yourself, with compassion.
The times you didn’t speak up for yourself, where you didn’t speak up for others, the moments you allowed someone to take away your power, times where you were in a position where speaking your truth carried fatal consequences.

Be forgiving towards your soul.
And means allowing the anger to surface, the sorrow to flow, before welcoming the joy.

As the Moon moves into Aries, the impulsiveness to speak our minds without tact will be intensified, in order to be mindful remember to be in a conscious healing space.

Words are very powerful, they heal, they destroy and they can propel your destiny to greater heights, choose the direction of your power wisely.
                                                            Image Watkins Publishing

Gentle attunment to your Ear Chakra’s – 10 minute practice
Many of us are familiar with the 7 main chakra systems in our body, but we have smaller but important chakras at our ears, feet & hands.
Our ear chakra’s are deeply affected by the words we hear, the harsher the words, the smaller the energy field will vibrate. Take a moment to think back or observe a person, who ever has been abused verbally since childhood, you will notice they tend to tune out or filter out conversations from authoritative figures; their boss, parents, well into their adult years.

The ability to hear Divine messages from your soul & Spirit, is key to this chakra along side your Heart and Crown energy centers, thereby I invite you to start connecting with your ear chakras consciously, to assist your communicative expression.

1. Sit in a comfortable seated position, with your feet on the floor.
2. Set on intention mentally or verbally, ‘ to open your ear’s to Divine Guidance’ ‘ to hear my soul in order to express myself ‘.
3. Place your hands upright, visualize 2 ball of energy light glowing in them, rub your palms together and cup your ears.
4. Be open, relax & allow the energy to vibrate and adjust the frequency of the ear chakra’s.
5. When you feel ready, let go of your hands and intent to the healthy vibration of your ear’s – to only hear positive truthful words in love.
6. Drink a glass of water, to ground the energies within your body (which consists of 70% water ! )

Cosmic Blessings,
Metaphysical Medium
Work with me, in clearing your karmic patterns to deepen into your potential, in 2019 through Divine guidance.
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