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I am Vivitha, the visionary founder of The Magnetic Soul, and I warmly welcome you here.

Since childhood I have been able to feel the different realms on Earth, but grew up in a family who didn’t understand this, leading to a sense of alienation. Now I have embraced my destiny, which is in service to bringing forth the New Millennium energies by contributing to the collective reawakening on Earth.

A life path which consisted of childhood trauma and several autoimmune illnesses led me to feeling a deep dissatisfaction and despair with life. Later I realised that this was my point of awakening, an opportunity to make peace with my soul by accepting and embracing the life I chose before birth.

My experiences through successfully recovering from one autoimmune condition, having major surgery, dependency on pain and psychotropic drugs due to the intense pain I had, led to my faith affirming that no matter where we are in our lives, we can always change it.

Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse with experience as a scrub nurse in the operating theatre and as a medical nurse in the oncology department. I gradually left as I furthered my metaphysical and professional training in clinical hypnotherapy, mediumship, angelic connections, and exploring womens and childrens healing arts with several international teachers.

By combining my nursing and metaphysical expertise, I bring the fine balance of science and spirituality together in my service to you.

I live in Malaysia, where I enjoy recharging myself in nature and connecting with people from around the world.


Metaphysical Medium & Soul Transitionist

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