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Posts tagged ‘destiny’

Mercury Retrograde, Nourishing our Mind to Nurture our Words

The sun in Scorpio, Moon is in Aries and Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius.
With this wonderful mix of water and fire, we are faced with the alchemy of emotions & actions. How we feel, how we think, is how we speak to ourselves and to others

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New Year in the Age of Aquarian consciousness

A wonderful 2018 to you and to the earth’s 6th year in the Aquarian age.

Many of us could be setting our intentions in the coming weeks to what we would love to bring forth this year. You may have noticed or begun to feel a little differently about your desires, like they have evolved from a personal focus to a more encompassing one. We begin to feel into the universal matrix of life where we are all interconnected, and start to learn that individualism can’t bring us true fulfillment.

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