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Karma, Destiny and your Saturn Return

Many of you are anticipating number 11 on 11.11, number 8 holds a special place in my heart as it is my solar return number and the number of planet Saturn.

Those of you between the ages of 28-30 & 57-60 are currently experiencing your Saturn return in Capricorn. This is a key point in your life where transmutation of your life’s lessons lead into a transformation of your true self.
In the next 2 ½ years you are gifted the space to review, let go & heal everything which doesn’t serve your soul any longer mentally, emotionally & physically, from pre-birth, birth, childhood, teenage years to young adult and mid adult for those in their second Saturn return.
Life lessons have happened, you have learned, thus now is the time for gratitude and composting the experiences to uncover the knowledge and retain the wisdom needed for the next leg of your journey in life.
Potential energy healing which could be beneficial – Family lineage / ancestral healing, womb healing, birth regression, soul healing and learning an energy modality for self healing.

Karma is the theme of Saturn and there are many misconceptions about karma. It is not a punishment, nor can it be defined as good or bad, it is simply the idea that what you put out, you receive in return. In simple energy terms, energy cannot be destroyed only transformed or transferred, mirrored in the infinity symbol of number 8. The more positive influences you give out, you will be thus gifted in return, in unexpected and miraculous ways.

Combining with the power of 11.11.11 (2+0+1+8), the portal to realign our course through empowered reflection and action, is gifted to us.
Consciously if one accepts their destiny, in the sense of being willing to surrender to it’s wise-dom specifically to your soul, it will be challenging but graceful. Dreams, true desires, the unfolding of destiny need space to come through in your life. If you are unable to provide it the Universe will deliver it, in ways that may seem unfair or devastating at first, through major health conditions, career, financial and relationship losses. But, know what is truly meant to be yours, can never be lost.

In the celebration of my birth day on the 8th of December, I am gifting $100 off my Soul Energy Session which is valued at USD 350, to USD 250 from now till 31st December 2018.
It is a powerful transformative karmic clearing designed to align you to find your destiny through transforming patterns, situations, relationships, which no longer benefit you, along with 1 year’s guidance towards empowering your vision for 2019.

Patterns which can be transformed & client’s experiences see more on Soul Sessions here.

To further replenish & empower your Karmic reservoir, to a positive balance.
I will be gifting $20 from your session to two local animal shelters – Furry Friends Farm and Pak Mie Shelter. There are both non tax- exempted charities, thus donations in consistent & sufficient amounts are a constant challenge for them. Plus as a no kill shelter, they have elderly long term resident dogs and cats which need ongoing dialysis, special diet & medications.
Take a look at the good work these shelters do, and the honest caretakers who dedicate their lives to their welfare.
Furry Friends Farm

Pak Mie Shelter

Private sessions available in person for clients residing locally & virtually, for international clients.
Inquiries and bookings

Live into your destiny,
Metaphysical Medium
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Solar Eclipse and Ancestral Healing Aspects

We are in the cusp of the dark moon, pre-solar eclipse and 6 planets are in retrograde. Which is pretty awesome cosmically, yet challenging on many aspects of our human existence.

The desire to move forward on a grand scale; career, relationships, healing, is on a reflective rewind through the retrogrades.

This pause is vital.

This tunnel of the past, is inviting you or pressing you, depending on your perspective to review your past choices.

Looking at it from different angles, not to obsess over the ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ responses, and rather on :-
– How did this situation serve you ?
– How did this situation serve the other ?

Keep in mind ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ are grey areas, along with what you deem is ‘fair’ and always will be, for it is the nature of duality on the earth plane.

Life is not about getting things right according to a societal benchmark, rather it is about discovering your joys while healing what comes up along your journey and sometimes, it starts from birth itself.

Reflect on your roots; ancestral lineage, even if you had a relatively happy upbringing, reflect on your family’s collective beliefs – poverty consciousness, striving till exhaustion, lack of trust, fear of intimacy, fear of success, fixed ways that do not feel right anymore… which could be the belief that will shed light, toward the breakthrough you have been looking for.

When we heal, we offer healing towards our past and present generations.
This is an act of love, towards our self.
For we are not here to save nor fix anyone, including our children, but to inspire the multitude of peaceful and courageous choices, towards a challenging occurrence.

If you have a challenging family dynamic:-

  • Choose 7 symbols to represent your 7 generations (the 7th representing you), place them in a circle
  • Prepare 5 grains as an offering, this represents abundance, grounding, and you could add other elements to this base – flowers for beauty, sweets for joy
  • Light a candle, the flame will serve as a transmutation element
  • Call your guides, to protect you, to guide you
  • Then call upon the energies of your ancestors to the circle
  • State your healing intention, ask Spirit for healing towards the challenging aspects in your family patterns, offer them to the flames, visualise them being transmuted/healed. You could ask for more love, closeness, harmony, rather than pinpointing an aspect that is not related to you; for example ‘I want my parents to stop fighting’
  • Fill the circle with love, by asking for blessings and support from all your helpful ancestors in your life onwards
  • Close your circle with gratitude, thank your guides, yourself and your family.
    You could bury all of it in the earth or your garden, release them in a river or place them under a tree in nature

If everything feels too overwhelming, there is a default plan – rest, period.
Recreate from your past with love, with gratitude and faith.

Picture: Personal collection

Cosmic Blessings and wishing all of you much love,
Metaphysical Medium

New Year in the Age of Aquarian consciousness

A wonderful 2018 to you and to the earth’s 6th year in the Aquarian age.

Many of us could be setting our intentions in the coming weeks to what we would love to bring forth this year. You may have noticed or begun to feel a little differently about your desires, like they have evolved from a personal focus to a more encompassing one. We begin to feel into the universal matrix of life where we are all interconnected, and start to learn that individualism can’t bring us true fulfillment.

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