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The path way to Forgiveness, Acknowledgment

A blessed Mother’s Day to all,

While this day is synonymous with feelings of warmth, togetherness and nurturing, it carries the opposite emotions for those who have experienced trauma in the presence of their mothers due to abandonment, abuse, indifference and other forms of emotional or physical neglect.

Subtly this does affect our perception and the qualities of mothering as adults. Feeling into the emotional context of ‘mother’, without the attachment to your physical mother.

We link love, care, receiving, support, fulfillment, with the image of a mother. The spiritual energies of a mother figure is receiving.
Without these primary energies, we will find ourselves in a somewhat barren land, where anything we do is not enough and leads one to a deep level of exhaustion – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. How do we navigate these feelings of loss in one’s adult years and replenish the well of our inner child?

To experience joy, fearlessness, have belief, imagination, we need a sense of belonging in our community, a belonging within ourselves. Before we can embody and exude these qualities, we have to face the Dark Dragon within.

This is the Acknowledgment of our fears – the abandonment, unloved self, disappointments and so forth. The temptation to bypass this initial but crucial pathway to forgiveness, can be strong.
For it may seem like a regression in one’s healing journey, but in bypassing Acknowledgment, we tend to bypass Acceptance, as well.

Forgiveness is a feeling, rather than a practice. Return for today, to the beginning. Let go of journaling or processing within the mind. Go outside and lay on the Earth, feel and just Be with the original energies of Mother – Mother Earth. Let go, receive and receive, recognising that you were never meant to carry any weight in your heart.

That no one can let you down.

Art, Nurturing by Rita Loyd

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Cosmic Blessings,
The Magnetic Soul


New Year in the Age of Aquarian consciousness

A wonderful 2018 to you and to the earth’s 6th year in the Aquarian age.

Many of us could be setting our intentions in the coming weeks to what we would love to bring forth this year. You may have noticed or begun to feel a little differently about your desires, like they have evolved from a personal focus to a more encompassing one. We begin to feel into the universal matrix of life where we are all interconnected, and start to learn that individualism can’t bring us true fulfillment.

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